Brutalist ruins, rhythm boxes, buzzing synths, and slippery sequences.

Digitalis Recordings will release Colonizer’s debut cassette, les Bidonvilles, in early October 2013. Culled from over five years of home recordings, les Bidonvilles is the first solo lp from Colonizer, the nom de plume of Daniel Presnell (Von Bingen, Astral Blessing). Consisting of nine musical episodes built from the misapplication of sequencers, synthesizers, rhythm boxes, effects, and studio treatments, les Bidonvilles’ tracks seek spaces in which to unfold, hum and expire.

“No complaints from me if the exotic drama of Colonizer’s sound, as exemplified by “Building Burns Down,” is where Presnell’s going to stay oriented for now.”

- Dwight Pavlovic, Decoder Magazine




Colonizer – Loop #49 from daniel presnell on Vimeo.